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  • black mens ring wood inlay

    Night in the woods

    Matte black tungsten ring with oak inlay

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  • Black Mamba

    Black scaled tungsten ring for men

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  • Wild Night

    Black tungsten ring with a bone interior.

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Our vision

There is something about black jewelry that draws all eyes to it. We design black rings to offer contrasting and elegant pieces. Rings attached to the night and adventure.

resistanceMaximum Resistance

We use materials for an everlasting black color. Tungsten and black titanium rings to resist any adventure.

unique designsDesigns for men

Rings with genuine black metals, combined with other natural materials to offer masculine and elegant designs.

affordable ringsAffordable Rings

We want to share our vision around the world so we offer affordable prices without sacrificing the highest quality.

Frequently asked questions buying a black ring

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What meaning does a black ring have?

Will a black tungsten ring scratch?

Do black titanium rings fade?

An option as an engagement ring?