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  • The Damascus Tiger

    Shinny damascus ring for men

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  • damascus steel ring


    Damascus steel with wood inlay ring

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Our vision

Our damascus rings have a handmade elaboration process, obtaining unique designs. The damascus steel allows us to create an exotic yet elegant style: men’s jewelry with a wild style but with classy finishes.

resistanceMaximum Resistance

One of the characteristics of damascus steel is its hardness so the rings will accompany you in a thousand journeys and adventures.

unique designsUnique Style for men

Another particularity of damascus steel is its natural grain patterns. Thanks to its capricious shapes, each ring is literally unique.

affordable ringsAffordable Damascus Rings

We offer high quality rings, but we always want to maintain an accessible offer to spread our vision to people all over the world.

Frequently asked questions buying Damascus Ring

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