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  • black mens ring wood inlay

    Night in the woods

    Wooden ring with black tungsten

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  • Centurión

    Olive wood ring with a classic style

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  • Black Mamba

    Snakewood's wood ring with black scaled cover

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  • Double on the rocks

    Genuine oak wood ring with shiny outside

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  • Cernunnos

    Three-color ring with oak wood

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  • Inner Fire

    Red stabilized oak wood ring with silvery outside

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Our vision

Wood is a raw material that allows us to create genuinely unique jewels; thanks to the capricious grain of the natural wood, we obtain unique men’s rings. We combine different types of woods (oak, olive, ebony…) to offer rings with different colours, weights and textures. We want to give meaning to each piece. In combination with metals, we create custom wood rings with a lot of contrast: hard and cold on the outside, warm and smooth on the inside.

resistanceDurable Wood

We use treated natural wood to obtain very resistant and waterproof rings.

unique designsUnique Rings

Thanks to the capricious grain of the natural wood, we obtain unique pieces.

affordable ringsAffordable Rings

We offer high quality handmade rings but we want to keep the offer affordable.

Frequently asked questions buying a wooden ring

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